Autoimmune Disorders

Kay has always said if you go to one specialist and tell them your symptoms you will get a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease.

If you decide to get a second opinion you will get a totally different diagnosis on an autoimmune disease. In the long run you will walk around with a label of what disease you have and some medications that are just making the symptoms worse and probably causing other symptoms.

What’s The Underlying Cause To Disease?

Kay looks at the underlying cause to disease.

When you address the underlying issues going on and give the body the building blocks to rebuild and heal along with healing food, the symptoms, a lot of times, will go away! Who cares about the label. If your symptoms are gone then who cares if what you supposedly had was MS or Menieres? We don’t want to have the autoimmune disease, but we feel like once we are diagnosed, we are so happy that our symptoms are validated, when really we don’t want the symptoms to begin with!

Kay Spears will do functional testing to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Healing The Body And Fueling It Properly

Kay will have a step-by-step program on healing the body and fueling it properly to address the symptoms.

The body is amazing machinery. Like a Swiss Army watch, if one part of the watch stops the whole watch will be compromised. Our bodies are like this Swiss Army watch. If you address all the moving parts the watch will start working in sync at the highest quality again and our bodies will do the same thing.

Are You Ready?

Take the first step towards your transformation.